30 June 2013

How to... Relive your childhood

Me and the two gorgeous girlies (from now, GG1 and GG2) were lucky enough to be invited to the cabbage patch kids 30th birthday party. A sign of my age, I've been to a few thirtieths recently. None, however, at 9am on a Sunday morning, and none with such a lack of alcohol - although that's good, given the time and the fact that my kids were in tow!

The 80's are making a huge comeback. Neon is back. Adam Sandler is remaking the classic "3 men and a baby", Dallas enters its umpteenth series and the Cabbage Patch Kids are 30! I'm desperately hoping that they're the next revival... and that someone buys me one for Christmas!!

I've been a massive fan of the Cabbage Patch kids, like, forever, and so I was mega excited about this mornings events - sadly for me, I didn't quite pass on the enthusiasm and so the kids were less so! But when we got there, and they saw all the goodies waiting inside, they couldn't wait to get in there.

GG1 was super-excited to meet the Cabbage Patch kids- although GG2 was terrified, and refused to be put down. I don't think that I blame her - there's little scarier than a larger-than-life-size doll offering you a hug!

Lucky Sadie won a doll (Emma Kayla) in pass the parcel... I'm well jel!

These kids are going to be super spoiled by all this professional face painting...

Hamleys was a freaking nightmare. They wanted EVERYTHING!! Luckily the store was closed, so there  was a good excuse not to buy anything, and I was super-impressed at the store's attitude towards the kids- no on batted an eyelid when they touched literally EVERYTHING they saw! The lego models are particularly fun.

You can buy these from Hamleys for £30, and less on Amazon. Please could someone tell Mr Rose that I want one for my birthday...

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