10 November 2013

'Be nice to the children' month!!

This month, I've decided to set myself a challenge - to be nice(r) to my children!!

Before you think I'm some sort of ogre - I'd like to think I'm not - let me clarify further. I have two charming, bright, funny little daughters who I adore (and who seem to quite like me back). They're smart and interesting, they have a great relationship with each other, and we try do fun things together. I have never, ever even so much as contemplated raising my hand to them. But this morning, Sadie said something to Poppy, and I heard myself parroted back in a way that made me both laugh, and feel immensly uncomfortable at once.

Times are tough at the moment (aren't they for everyone??) - I walked away from a job that I (mostly) loved, and it turns out its harder than I thought to find another one equally good (there's a global recession... who knew?). Plus dealing with the 'same old same old' that everyone has to - elderly relatives, the flu, playground politics, rising gas prices... So I'm stressed, and sometimes a I'm a bit shorter with my children than I would like to be. Plus, whilst I'm not working, I'm home more, so we see more of each other than we're used to.

So, the challenge - be really, really nice to them for a whole month. Only smile... explain things more patiently (even the for fifth time), take them for extra treats. Don't shout or yell. The challenge begins even as I'm writing this post, with them interrupting to ask me things as I'm typing. So time to put down the laptop and head out to the pool. Wish me luck!!!

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